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The intention of this series is to show people as sentient beings. The impulse that people have to express their freedom, their emotions. In some way, I ‘rescue’ certain mental and emotional connections of my characters through the self-portrait.

During the confinement, many moods and thoughts were manifested, which perhaps, we did not realize about ourselves before. Or simply, we did not have the opportunity to understand them.

Some characters knew depression or fear, others were tired of confinement. While some took this time to reinvent themselves, or deal with their demons. But there were also those who lived hope. It is not about judging, it is about respecting, perhaps you do not fully understand the people you have by your side, or yourself, but the valid thing is to achieve a harmonious coexistence despite that.

In short, it has been a difficult season for some, finding themselves relieved from the daily pressures, away from home. For others, quarantine represented a calm time. The truth is that each person has a story, and, therefore, their own way of adaptation or maladjustment to these drastic situations where "normality" changes.

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