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Universes are photographic series where you find voices, faces and spaces, from different parts of the world, in an unsuspected virtual journey.

The pandemic invaded the world, the coronavirus reached every border; But each person has their own way of carrying and feeling the coronavirus, of expressing themselves and their outskirts, in the different corners of the earth.
During the coronavirus, it is not possible to travel in the “normal” way, nor, to hug friends in the way we are used to, But it is possible to have new experiences through technology; thus, it occurred to me to travel the world a little bit and meet new people. Of course I did not leave home, not even, I left my room via internet, to be able to reach other countries, other continents.

Perhaps the quality is not the best, so I call them business cards as Disderí originally called studio portraits in a very peculiar size 54mm x 89mm; I take the name of visit because this trip becomes just that, times change, times return, I do not use chemicals, but I have limitations due to the technical part.

Despite all the above, something great happened ... I have been able to meet people who have revealed a little bit of their universes to me, they allowed me to go to the special place of their home. Some people expressed their mixed emotions. Many agreed that, during the confinement, they had more time for themselves, their partner, or other important members of their lives and they are grateful for it. 
There was also an intense feeling of missing the physical contact, such as a hug from mom or greeting the neighbor at the door and somehow going through a time of tension and calm.

I virtually met a traveler, a neighbor from Peru, and I arrived in distant Indonesia, I passed through Germany, Poland, Argentina, Holland, Denmark, Costa Rica, and in each place, a human being fighting the coronavirus. Finally, I have applied a particular way of taking photos, which this time did not have as its purpose the giant photograph, But it was not the point.

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